Two Honda Bikes under Rs.200K

Last year in 2020 Dec the honda launched the CB350 platform the first bike was called the highness and Now honda launch one more bike on the same platform name CB350RS. Now RS stands for road sailing, make of that what you will but it essentially means that this is still a relaxed motorcycle to ride. and it's everything underneath the skin the platform is more or less the same as the highness.


If you're trying to know what makes this bike different to look, the first biggest change is the rs gets a 17-inch rear wheel compared to an 18-inch wheel on the highness, Honda CB350rs also gets more chunky tires Called the MRF curves beyond that honda's tried to take a more scrambler approach to the design. and the exhaust is swept up at a slightly different angle, the ground clearance has actually gone up by 2 mm and the curb weight is actually reduced by two kilos and that's because Honda has moved the plastic for the two fenders that are a big weight saving. there are other elements around the bike that look a little different from the highness and you will quite like that there's more matte black all over the bike replacing a lot of the chrome on the bike and it makes the rs look like a more cohesive design because there are fewer finishes visible across the bike other small changes come in this nice seat over here it's got a rib design seat height is still 800 mm and the seat length is also the same as on the highness.


The fuel tank is the same but as you can see it gets a new dual-tone color very nice yellow and black combination other design elements that make this bike look a little more modern, the highness has a black surround for the headlamp and these cool looking led indicators that are very similar to what you've seen on the hornet 2.0 and on honda's bigger bikes like the African twin. you've got that same 350cc long-stroke engine that makes about 21 horsepower and 30-newton meters of torque. It sounds very similar to the highness. and that sound is really going to match this motorcycle because it's thumpy at low revs the sound really suits the character of this motorcycle.

As for the riding experience well it should be quite similar because the chassis is untouched and so is the suspension which means this bike should have that similar firm but comfortable ride quality and very long gearing because Honda hasn't changed the final drive ratio or the internal gearing on the CB350RS now.

alt="speedometer-Honda-CB350RS.webp">While the chassis may not have changed you will feel a difference because honda has changed the ergonomics on this motorcycle the footpegs are slightly more rear set and the handlebar is a little lower as well it's still really upright but a little more spotty and involving. The Honda CB350RS also gets the same instrument console with a nice analog speedometer and a small digital section on the side as with the cb350 highness.

The CB350RS will also only be sold out of honda's big wing dealer network. The Honda CB350Rs have priced at rupees 1.96 lakh for the solid red color and 1.98 lakh for this lovely black and yellow combination that puts it about 10 000 rupees higher than the highness.

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