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TThe Bajaj Dominar 250 comes across as a supreme value for money proposition, then the Dominar 400 has always been. it does have what it takes to get noticed in this heavily crowded 250cc naked bike segment with the new Duke 250 Bs6 and Husqvarna 250 motorcycles entering the game.

Bajaj Dominar Design

Design-wise both the bikes look absolutely identical in fact when park both the bikes side-by-side you have a really tough time figuring out which is reached our dimensions wise both are identical. The length, width, and height remain the same, for the domina 250 as well the wheelbase remains the same, at 1453 mm ground clearance remains the same at 157 mm. the tank capacity is 13 liters I wish it was slightly more to offer a better tank range. Talking about the weight the Bajaj Dominar 250 is 4 kgs lighter than the 400 weighing in at 180 kgs compared to 184kgs of its elder sibling Dominar 400.



Bajaj Dominar the chassis and suspension we get a beam type parameter frame that forms the chassis structure this offers superb stability and balance and rigidity it offers superior handling characteristics as well but unfortunately, we don't get the aluminum swinging arm that the Dominar 400, gets instead we get a box section swinging arm for the Dominar 250 which is kind of a letdown. another letdown is the USD folks Department, we get chunky 43mm USD forks for the Dominar 400 for the Dominar 250 we continue to get the USD folks, but unfortunately, these are 37 mm diameter ones so the front end field might not be as sure-footed or as confidence-inspiring as the 43mm USD forks of the Dominar 400. The brakes again for the domina 250 we only get a 300mm front disc when compared to the massive 320mm front disc that the Dominar 400 gets at the back however both the bikes get a 230mm disc, the larger 320 mm front disc on the Dominar 400 is sure to offer better bite and feedback when compared to the 300 mm disc on the Dominar 250. talking about the tires we get radial tires at both ends for the domina 400 with a super phat 150 section rear tire however for the Dominar 250 we get regular Eurogroup tires with 130 section red tile which is slightly disappointing .now just like the domina 400 the domina 250 also gets a slipper clutch which acts like a back-torque limiter so it prevents the rear wheels from locking and hopping when you do faster downshifts, also it provides for a lighter clutch pull we do get the dual-display speedo console for the Dominar 250 as well, but here we do not get a gear position indicator for the Dominar 250 which is available for the Dominar 400. Another important inclusion for the Dominar 250 is the side stand we get the same premium quality side stand which can more payload that's available for the domina 400 became the similar stand for the domina 250. as well which is a good inclusion also you get bungee cords underneath the raised seat to hook on your bags and items of baggage when you choose to go touring on this machin.

Dominar engine Power


Difference between the Bajaj Dominar 250 and the Dominar 400, powering the dominar 250 is a single-cylinder liquid-cooled fuel-injected 4 valve 240 8.77cc BS 6 engine which puts out 27 ps of max power at 8,500rpm and 23.5 Newton meters of max torque at 6,500rpm. We had a six-speed gearbox. the dominar 400 comes with triple spark plug tech whereas the 250 comes with twin spark technology so the advantage of having triple spark plugs is that it results in 27 percent faster combustion than twin spark plugs, and 50% faster combustion compared to a single spark plug so the optimized combustion efficiency courtesy of the triple spark plug setup results in more power and better fuel economy just like the domina 400 the domina 250 gets a 4 valve engine, which allows the engine to breathe easy even at higher RPMs. it gets liquid cooling as well to keep a check on the engine temperature.

Dominar price difference

Bajaj Dominar 400 price is Rs.202,755 Rupees whereas Dominar 250 is available at Rs. 170,720 Rupees. Both the prices being actual room in my opinion the dominar 400 is a completely no-compromise option and is still a very potent touring machine and offers the best bang for your hard-earned buck.I would choose it any day over the Dominar 250 now the dominar 250 I feel is a good attempt by Bajaj. but I am sad to say that it's not quite there for me yet however on the flip side I've seen people shying away from the domina 400 saying it's too powerful for city usage so for them getting the form factor of the Dominar 400 with lesser more usable power of the 250cc power plant might be a selling point.

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