KTM Adventure 390 design, Price, Ride ergonomics

The 390 dukes and the 790 adventure got together and created KTM Adventure 390 the best entry-level adv, but is it really an adventure bike?

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KTM Adventure 390 design

The KTM Adventure 390 is built on the same 390 platforms as the duke and the RC, it's got ktm's gorgeous TFT display, and you can change the riding modes. The windscreen is actually adjustable, but you need tools to bring it up and down, The 390 ADV has a 12-volt socket right below the TFT. KTM 390 ADV got LEDs in the back LEDs in the front and the headlight is actually quite similar to that of the 790. now as far as the looks well it's an adv you don't get one of these bikes because it's pretty you get them because of its functionality having said that it is actually quite good looking for an adventure bike.

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Adventure 390 engine

The KTM Adventure 390 using the same liquid-cooled single-cylinder 373.22cc four-valve double overhead cam engine. that punches out a modest 44 horsepower at  8800 rpm and 36.6-newton meters of torque at 77000rpm. this engine is made into a six-speed gearbox fitted with a slipper clutch just like the RC and the Duke. The 390 adventure has a wp front fork and wp apex rear suspension both of which are adjustable. Stopping power is provided by vibrate's four-piston radial caliper gripping a single 320-millimeter disc up front,

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and a single-piston floating caliper 230-millimeter disc combo for the rear. the front tires are 100 by 90 on 19s the rear is 130 by 80 on 17s. The ktm 390 adventure weighs 175 kilograms which are extremely light, especially for an adventure bike. the tank capacity is 14.5 liters which for an adv is tiny but keep in mind the fuel consumption really varies depending on where and how you are riding, you can get close to 30kmpl if you're just cruising but if you're stuck in traffic or maybe going a little while expecting something closer to 21kmpl.

KTM Adventure 390 Ride ergonomics

The standard seat height is about 855 millimeters and it's ideal for people who are 5'8", but you can adjust the seat height by adjusting the suspension. The ground clearance it's 200 millimeters, riding in the city is pretty decent it's narrow enough that you can filter safely however just like the RC and the duke. The engine does get a little hot well I mean it is the same engine. the seat is pretty comfortable and the seating position is fairly standard to other ADVs except. The footpegs are slightly rear-set kind of similar to that of the duplex you can take this on a light trail with confidence even though the ground clearance isn't that high it's almost like a bigger dirt bike with a whole lot more tech. 390 adventure is very light that you can feel like you can maneuver it fairly easily attacking the twisties with this adv is pretty enjoyable. the RC and the two may do it better but this is surprisingly pretty darn good now because it's only a 390 it may be a little slow for some people on the expressway but if you're more of a chill rider it should be more than adequate it's also fine overtaking slower vehicles. the bike is pretty good for beginners I mean the seat height could be a problem for some people, but if you're tall enough I would say that this should be pretty good for people who want to get into avd's or who think that they'll be getting a bigger adv in the future, this could be a great way to start your adv journey .so is it a real adv well sure especially because you'd probably be using it most of the time on paved roads but if you decide to take the road less travel and go on some light trails you'll be able to handle it.


KTM Adventure 390 Price

The best part about the KTM 390 Adventure is that you can get a baby beast including all its tech and capabilities for a price tag of Rupees 2,56,083 Ex-showroom at Delhi and is a great deal and a great way to get into the world of adventure riding.

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