Pulsar NS 125 price in India, top speed, mileage, specification

Pulsar NS125 was suddenly launched from bajaj, but the bajaj already had a pulsar in this segment which is pulsar 125. Let's see what does offer the new pulsar 125ns and what is the usp to launch behind this bike. and what kind of rider are bajaj trying to target with this new pulsar.


Pulsar NS 125 design

The pulsar 125ns looks pretty good pretty premium, it gets the same wool fight headlamp and an animalistic headlamp which the ns200 has been known for they went by the name naked wolves earlier, and you get the sculpted tank muscular feel to it which pulsar bloodline always stands for. and bajaj also offer the same perimeter frame, which is the first in the 125cc segment.  in terms of handling in terms of high-speed stability the perimeter frame really does make your confidence high. apart from that ns125 gets Telescopic suspension at the from and mono shocks at the rear and, I think they'll do the job well being a 125cc bike. Another good thing is pulsar 125ns come with a Kickstarter along with the push-button starter, so that's always an added benefit to having a Kickstarter on board just in case the battery runs goes out. 


Pulsar ns 125 engine specification

Talking about the power plant, Pulsar ns 125 comes with 124.45cc single cylinder 4 - stroke, SOHC 2-Valve, Air Cooled, bs6 Compliant DTS-i Ei engine, which generates 8.82 kW max power at 8500rpm and 11 Nm max torque at 7000 rpm with the 5-speed gearbox.


and ns125 gets a twin spark plug setup when compared to a single spark plug setup seen in other motorcycles in this category and it offers a perfect blend of power and economy.in trams of fuel economy, the pulsar 125ns has a 12-litre fuel tank which offers good mileage near about 45 to 50km per litre. The kerb weight of this new ns125 is just only 144kgs as result is a 125cc engine it can achieve top speed up to 110 kilometres per hour. The bike gets 80/100  17" tubeless tyres for the front wheel and 100/90-17 at the rear. Talking about stopping power, it gets a 240mm disc brake at the front and a 130mm drum brake at the rear. The bajaj pulsar 125ns does not get abs like KTM duke 125, instant that it gets combi brake system, which means when you apply this brake the rear brake is automatically engaged. such that the stopping distance is reduced. The overall braking mechanism is much safer on ns125, bajaj calls this anti-skid braking technology, which is not true because the wheels will lock up when you brake hard in case of panic braking scenarios because it doesn't have abs which are an anti-lock braking system, so this is they call anti-skid but it is actually another name for combi brake system which means uh when you apply the front brake the rear brake is applied automatically which kind of works okay by reducing the overall stopping distance. Apart from the brake, the pulsar gets the same speedo console from the 200ns, it shows fuel gauge, tachometer, and speedometer.

Ride comfort

The seat height is 805mm, which means if your height is 5.5 you easily raid this bike, and this new pulsar 125ns gets the same seat as his elder sibling 200ns which is nice and well-padded, you will feel comfortable in regular city ride. and the 125cc engine produces decent power, that you can take to a track and enjoy, maybe you can't push it to sharper lean angles, but you can enjoy or get a hang of what kind of sportbike experience ns125 has to offer. this is the kind of audience bajaj is targeting, the masses to get a taste of sportbike culture. overall I feel this is a good looking motorcycle and a smart move from the bajaj and I think it's going to do well because it's going to offer better mileage easy to maintain pocket-friendly maintenance.


Pulsar ns 125 price

Bajaj is known for making value for money products, the value they are packing in with the design package it's pretty premium for its price tag. The bajaj pulsar Ns 125 priced at 94000 rupees in ex-showroom Delhi and this is the only premium looking, typical sports bike that you can buy under 1 lakh rupees hare in India.

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