India's fastest electric scooter can run 236 kilometres on a single charge

Simple Energy aims to be something different in the electric scooter market. They make India's fastest electric scooter, and also claims a massive range of 236 kilometres on a single charge.


Simple One electric design, specifications

Simple Energy showcase there prototype on 15th august after ola scooter was launched. In terms of quality levels simple one is pretty raw, it's still about two months out from production, so deliveries will happen by November or December. so I can't be the judge on quality but the brochure says in terms the numbers are actually very impressive. the simple energy wanted to build everything from scratch from themselves, they wanted to solve every problem by themselves. And they're a design-focused company according to their founder, Suhas, they want to replace a petrol scooter directly without really adding anything new to the experience for a middle-class person. In terms of usability, the simple one has a nice and wide seat, the seat height isn't too high if you are five five you can easily ride this simple one as like other petrol power scooter available in the market. the simple one also looks futuristic like a modern days scooter.  The simple one has a decent brake and normal suspension it's built on a tubular steel frame Simple Energy's kept the simple one pretty simple, there aren't really any revolutionary things happening under the skin. But the net result of it at least numerically is very impressive. the simple one looks quite sporty very sharp edges and led lamps all around the headlamp the tail lamp. taking about the instrumental the simple one comes with a huge TFT touch screen in the front, On the connectivity front is another area where Simple want to do a lot of work and one of the things that they say is that the system learns. It's not a static system in that sense and as you use more of it,  the more things it'll do. And in fact, it has a huge list of connectivity features like 4G, Bluetooth, GPS and all of those things, it's got over the air updates, you are able to talk to your phone and get voice commands to work on this and it will improve in terms of voice commands as time passes and the system becomes smarter.

Simple one electric power, performance

The simple one scooter comes with a combined battery capacity of 4.8-kilowatt-hour, simple one has two battery packs one is placed under the floorboard and another one is portable which can be placed right under the seat. and the best part of the 2nd battery is,  you can simply pull out for battery swipe or you can take it for a charge, keep it mind the 2nd better is not too heavy it's only seven kilograms. Talking about the range of simple one is, as the manufacturer has tested it delivers about 203 kilometres in the eco mode, but if you are using a scooter like this in the real world, you will jump from a mode to another from time to time which could mean that when you swap from one mode to another the real-world performance could be lower than 203 kilometres. but even if you get somewhere around 180 to 200 kilometres on one full charge that's a brilliant number for a scooter like this it's comparable to a petrol scooter similarly priced in this segment, and Simple is saying this is not some  25 kilometres an hour economy mode thing, this is in economy mode doing between 40 and 50 kilometres an hour and at that state, it has enough juice to be able to give you a genuine 200-kilometre range and the ARAI certified number on the IDC is actually 236 kilometres, which if you think about it is very impressive, especially when you realise that in the Sonic mode, which is their fastest mode, this scooter will actually do 105 kilometres an hour.

Simple one electric price, booking 

The price of the simple one electric scooter is only 1.11 lakh rupees, which I think is pretty phenomenal when you realise that that only includes the FAME II subsidies, state subsidies are extra. So in a place like Gujarat, this scooter might be 80000-87000 rupees, which I think is a very, very good idea for a scooter of this size, this range and this price. What remains to be seen, of course, is the fact that this scooter is only on pre-booking right now, we don't really know precisely when the launch will happen, although Simple is expecting to have franchisees, dealers, experience centres, charging stations, all of that open over the next three or four months, and they should be able to start producing the scooter soon. And you should be able to think about getting deliveries in November or December this year. 

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