Royal Enfield Hunter 350 could next motorcycle after 2021 Classic 350

Royal Enfield launched India's most selling retro bike the classic 350 a few days ago and we all Royal Enfield fanboys know that  Royal Enfield's promise of launching a new motorcycle every quarter. The launch of Hunter 350 would be on the horizon if things went as per the plan . However, we may have to wait a little bit longer than we expected to ride the Hunter 350, which to me looks to be the most promising product from Royal Enfield this year.

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Royal Enfield hunter 350

As you can see from the spy pictures, the Royal Enfield hunter 350 is going to be more of a roadster rather than being a scrambler. Talking about the design,  the new Royal Enfield hunter 350 looks quite compact and it looks like it is mainly designed for city usage. in the upfront it gets a halogen headlamp with orange turn indicators; at the rear, the tail light will be using a led unit while the turn indicators will continue to be halogen setup, the way it is there on the meteor and the way it is expected to come on the classic 350 as well the manufacturer is strictly following a circular theme so the headlight turn indicators the tail lamp everything is in a circular shape so that they can retain the retro look that royal enfiled has always been known for. The rear part for the upcoming hunter 350 really match the modern retro them,  Royal Enfield have beautifully integrated the tail lamp along with the turn indicators in a very symmetrical straight line. as per the spy pictures, the hunter 350 would get the tripper navigation what in along with an analogue speedometer that should be taken from the metro 350 work as the odometer and the fuel gauge and some more information. The most astonishing thing on this hunter 350 as for me is the exhaust, Royal Enfield is always known to have a big long bazooka type exhaust that actually carries the signature thump. however on this hunter 350, it's surprisingly small and we have not seen any Royal Enfield with such a short stubby exhaust in the past, so how is it going to sound that we'll get to know very soon as soon as the product launches.  another thing that I believe would make this motorcycle look absolutely astonishing from the rear is the wide 140 section tyre and overall the motorcycle definitely looks really modern as compared to the other motorcycle that Royal Enfield has built in the past. however, it does retain the retro charm the way it has been known for and because of all the new designs that are going on in this bike, it is expected to be performing significantly better than the meteor as it is going to be much lighter than what the meteor.

Royal Enfield hunter 350 price

Talking about the pricing my expectation is that the Royal Enfield hunter 350 prices are slightly lesser than the classic 350, it could be somewhere around Rs. 1,60,000 to Rs. 1,80,000 for top model.

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